[Cookielab.] - a short yet extremely informative intro...


A little while ago in a tiny apartment not so very far away...

{Sound of letterbox }

Party invitation. 'No gifts, just bring something yummy' the note said... Ok, so Cake? Nah. Pie? Meh. How about... cookies? Mmm. COOKIES. Everybody(ish) likes cookies, don't they? -Even if they say they don't, they still pinch one when they think nobody's looking...

Well, I wanted to make them interesting and unusual and not just, well, round. Sweet ones, savoury ones, spicy ones (you get the idea). Until I discovered all the cutters around were pretty boring. Or just strange. Or fiddly.  'I'll just make my own then.' Easy, right?

Well as it turns out, no. Not even a little bit. But I persevered; after many failures and even more nearly/not quite efforts, I developed a method that worked and produced the results that I wanted. It has taken a lot of effort, time and even more frustration, but these little beauties are released into the wild in the hope that they might find their dough of destiny and create wonderful things. So here they are.

The Cutters of Champions

The Cutterati

Cookietopia, if you will.

You get the idea.

Enjoy x


I confess I never actually got around to making those party cookies. It's fine though, I'll make it up to her...

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